Every city in the world has its highs, lows, and specific features. And after considering all these, the beloved Boston also known as the east coast’s Bean Town is a gem of a city worth moving to. Whether you are a retired couple looking for a downtown move to enjoy your golden years, a student, a young professional straight out of college, or a couple looking to start a family there is so much to savor with Boston as your new home. There more than 100 universities in the Boston and Cambridge metropolitan area, four beautiful seasons, several renowned historical markers, a reputable Luxury real estate industry, and so much more. Here are five reasons to move to Boston;

  • Great Walkability and Public Transportation

Boston is very famous for its stand out walking history and facilities that buying a Boston Luxury Property will give you unlimited access to because of Boston’s famous walkability. Boston created the ‘Freedom Trail’, one of the very first historic walking tours in the US. You can get about so easily soaking in the luxury and vibrant city of Boston without a car. So many Boston Luxury Property owners enjoy walking to work or take a quick train ride. Newer projects are seeing the downtown grow more elegant with 27 acres of green space introduced into the city. The renovated space creates trails that connect Boston Harbor with surrounding neighborhoods. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority locally referred to as the “T” extraordinarily serves the city, its neighborhoods, and even the suburbs with a bus, train, and subway system. The commendable development of the South End Luxury Real Estate and Back Bay Luxury Real Estate atmospheres have been driven by the unique walkability and accessibility features of Boston.

  • Access to World Class Education and Healthcare

Boston has dozens of highly reputable universities, and colleges such as Boston University, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston College, and a host of others. So, you don’t have to worry even if you want to go back to school or have kids getting ready to go to college. It’s also worth noting that there are some high-quality city and suburban school districts in Boston. Owning a Boston Luxury Property puts you close to all of these world class healthcare facilities. For example, Wellesley which is a just 16 miles for Boston center is ranked consistently as one of America’s most educated towns.The high quality of life linked with Boston has a lot to do with its many first-class doctors and hospitals. It’s a rare feat even for the biggest cities across the globe. Some of the hospitals in Boston that attract people from all over the world include the Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Dana Farber General Hospital which are all at the top of rankings by U.S. News and World Report among others. Access to world-class education and health care combined with the city’s booming economy to result in high employment rates and amazing career opportunities. These also increase the appeal and profitability of purchasing a Boston Luxury Property.

  • Amazing Dining/Seafood

Another interesting feature of Boston is its good food. The fresh seafood served in abundance across the city at every time of the year is a rare commodity for the majority of other places in the US and around the world. Residents and visitors dine with amazing views from the seaport area to the North End which has a wide range of restaurants offering great Italian food. There are also many restaurants in Boston specialized in the Indian, Mexican, and Korean food as well as several more casual burger points. Buying a Boston Luxury Property will put you in a great spot to dine in luxury.


  • Rich History and Sports Culture

Almost every corner in Boston has a historical marker. Giving yourself an opportunity to buy a Boston Luxury Property also means buying a piece of history. The city proudly represents its share of American history with numerous museums and historic facilities like Walden Pond in Concord which is where the brilliant Henry David Thoreau wrote and lived, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, among many others. Residents and visitors are always treated to amazing exhibits throughout the more than 30 museums in the area and many have free or discount days for Boston residents. Sports is strongly weaved into the DNA of Boston and the city has a rich tradition of excellence. Passionate sports fans enjoy living here with the wide range of available events and sports festivals all year round.

  • A Packed Social Calendar

There’s never a shortage of interesting activities in Boston which is popular for being the east coast hub for comedians, musicians, conferences, museum tours, concerts, nightlife, sporting events, food festivals, parades, etc. No matter what you are specifically interested in, Boston has the perfect package for you. For instance, the Theater District hosts eclectic nightlife Off-Broadway shows at The Charles Playhouse black box theater and traditional shows such as Riverdance or Les Misérables at the luxurious Wang Center for the Performing Arts. Going out to purchase or rent a Boston Luxury Property could be the best decision you make in a while. Rest assured there is much to enjoy once you’re here.