Living in a luxury back bay property has never been easier thanks to Paul Whaley and his reliable team. Owning a Luxury Back Bay Property means owning a little piece of history among the brownstones of Boston or in a new luxury development even. There are many upsides to living in Boston’s luxurious Back Bay – and here are a few of our favorites!

Clarendon Street Playground – Boston’s Back Bay is extremely family oriented – about 20% of Back Bay’s population is families. Among the family-oriented city streets lies the Clarendon Street Playground. The Clarendon Street playground is on Clarendon Street and often holds family events to entertain the young ones and help local parents make new friends not only for themselves but for their children as well. This hidden gem on a corner lot provides endless amounts of family fun!

Access To Many Private Schools – Though Back Bay has no public schools the list of private schools seem to go on forever. Starting children off young with the Kingsley Montessori School is a preschool along with kindergarten through sixth grade with an 8:1 student to teacher ratio.  These private schools offer amazing hands-on learning experience as well as quality education and interpersonal skills. Buying a luxury back bay property will ensure your child has access to some of the worlds best education.

Access To Many Colleges – Buying a Back Bay Luxury Property puts you in the middle of one of the finest college districts in America. Living in Boston itself gives you access to schools such as Harvard. Harvard is located in Cambridge and is within short driving distance to your home in the Back Bay. Cambridge is also home to MIT, one of the best colleges in the country. Along with these schools, there is also Wheelock College, Northeastern University, and Boston University. All of these schools offer incredible learning experience should you have a family while living in your back bay luxury property.

Walking – If driving isn’t your thing then buying a Back Bay Luxury Property is the best idea for you! With a walking score of a whopping 96, the Back Bay has everything you need within a short walking distance. The Back Bay is a gorgeous place to walk around in especially in the autumn but it also is one of the safest towns in Boston to walk around in making getting to work or home extremely easy.

Convenience– The famous Newbury Street lies within the Back Bay and is home to many five star restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and spas!  Living in your back bay luxury property you can virtually have anything you need at your disposal anything from luxury five-star dinners to relaxing afternoons at the spa or simply to sit outside by the street with a cup of tea and a nice book!

Living in Boston’s Back Bay is one of the Best Neighborhoods to live in Boston. It’s convenient, safe and a truly gorgeous and historic place to live. When thinking about your next move consider a luxury back bay property purchased from trusted Paul Whaley.