You’re thinking about Moving To Boston from either a suburb or a different part of the globe. Here are some tips about what you should expect and ways to set yourself up for success with the purchase of your new home.

Use a realtor you trust – When buying a Boston luxury property you’re going to need to find a realtor that you are comfortable with and will listen to your needs. Your quest for a Boston luxury property is an important one and your realtor should be there with you every step of the way. Paul Whaley is one of Boston’s most trusted realtors and he will help you make sure that your Boston luxury home purchase is perfect. Not only is he great at what he does but he is also an expert on every Boston neighborhood!

Find an interior designer – No matter where you move, having an interior designer around is always something that’s a good idea to have around. Boston is full of creatives and full of people who have a perfect eye for design. With the purchase of your new Boston luxury home, you may have no idea where to start decorating – this is where the help of an interior designer comes into play! They can help you pick out everything from furnishings, furniture, and wall color.

Find your neighborhood – Paul Whaley has luxury homes available in every neighborhood – from South End Luxury Property, to back bay luxury real estate, to the seaport district! All of these Boston neighborhoods have something unique and special to offer, whether you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood, a vibrant and night-life oriented neighborhood, or a more coastal feel Boston has it all.

Make sure your finances are all set – buying a luxury home is a huge purchase and commitment, the figures that go into buying a luxury home are very large therefore making it a huge decision. Most luxury properties in Boston don’t sell for under $1.5 million dollars so you should make sure you’ll be able to afford insurance, homeowners fees and other fees associated with buying a Boston luxury home.

Know what you want ahead of time – Having an idea of what kind of Boston luxury property you want to buy ahead of time can save you time and money, knowing how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and what kind of amenities you want will help your realtor understand you better and be able to fit you with the perfect Boston Luxury Property.

Talk to your neighbors – Talking to your neighbors before you move in is crucial to see if your home will feel like home. Typically Boston is a very welcoming city but making sure that you have common ground with your neighbors will become very important down the line. You’ll also be able to get a better understanding of what kind of neighborhood you’ll be living in and you’ll find out how they like the neighborhood as well.

Though there is no perfect way to buying a Boston luxury property these tips may be able to help you a little bit, as well as Paul Whaley!