Being a Resident in Boston can be overwhelming at times with all of the places to visit. The one thing that all Boston residents know is that if you want to get the most activities out of your day, you have to go to the Back Bay. Boston’s Back Bay area is filled with sights to see that tell the story of how this great City was built. There are historical buildings, Multiple gorgeous churches inside and out, as well as statues galore. Just wandering through the Back Bay area will land you at some terrific sights, but if you are aiming to see the best views, here is a list of some of Boston resident’s favorite spots.

Trinity Church  There are countless amazing churches to see in Boston’s Back Bay area like King’s Chapel, The Church of the Covenant, Arlington Street Church & Cathedral of the Holy Cross. The Trinity Church has to be the most breathtaking as it stands tall in an open courtyard with the view of other incredible Boston buildings in its sightline. This National Historic Landmark is one of America’s great buildings. It has stood untouched since its creation in 1877 by architect H.H. Richardson. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of this beautiful piece of architecture.

Making Way for Duckling Statue – It is well known that Boston residents love their Duckboats. The question is, where does this love for ducks come from? These peaceful, simple animals have created quite a culture for themselves as they even have their own statue in the Back Bay. Of course, there are other statues that you can visit, like The George Washington Statue, or John Singleton Copley Statue, but the real sight to see is the gorgeous Bronze Ducks by the Boston Public Garden. This Duckling statue is dedicated to Robert McCloskey’s classic Children’s book, “Make Way For Ducklings” about a family of ducklings making it through the city of Boston to their home in The Boston Public Garden.

The Mapparium – Other points of Interest in the Back Bay vary for every individual. If reading is your thing, then you’re in luck! The Boston Public Library is the perfect place for you to grab a book to read while you sit on a bench in the Boston Public Garden. If shopping is more your style, then Newbury Street is where you’ll want to head. There is a store for anything you could possibly want. It is a long, one-way street containing high-end retail stores. For those that are more Geographically impelled, you’re also in luck. The number one sight to see in the Back Bay is the hidden cultural treasure, The Mapparium. This World Famous 3-story Globe is one of the key attractions at The Mary Baker Eddy Library. It was constructed in 1935 with brilliant colors and lights track global shifts over the past century as a rich orchestration of words, inspiring quotes, music, and LED lights to illustrate how ideas have traversed time and geography and changed the world.