Boston is full of creatives and culture, after you’ve settled into your perfect Boston Luxury property purchased from award-winning Paul Whaley you might want to start adventuring outside of the daily routine like coffee shops, boutiques, and spas. Museums offer a fantastic place for cultural diversity and knowledge. Though Boston is full of hidden gems here are some of the best museums in Boston.

The Peabody Essex Museum – A short drive from your new Boston luxury property in Peabody the Essex museum is one of the best that the Greater Boston has to offer. Full of ever-changing exhibits such as Georgia O’Keefe, Native American artist T.C. Cannon, and lots of interactive and visual displays the Peabody Essex will have you consumed for the entire day. The Peabody Essex also boasts a large collection of Japanese art as well as a top of the line food court for when you get hungry.

Museum of Fine Arts – The Museum of Fine Arts boasts an incomprehensible amount of art – coming in at around 450,000 pieces on display at all times this is a place you could get lost in. The museum features different displays from around the world and constantly has new exhibits coming in and out. Their mediums feature anywhere from photography to oils, jewelry, pastels, to sculpture. Only the most exquisite pieces of art are featured in the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum staff is also extremely helpful and if you have any questions they are more than willing and informed to help you out.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – This museum comes with a past. Isabella from New York City married her husband right before her twentieth birthday and later lost her two years of son after the two had settled into the Back Bay. Trying to fix her depression she went traveling with her husband and kept journals on everywhere that she had been. Later she developed a love for art and after her husband had passed she had continued with the plans that the two had to open the museum. Isabella had an extensive art collection that remains to this day. This museum is a must-see not only because of the passion and love that went into making it but the art collections are extremely rare.

Museum of Science – If you’re looking for a day away with the kids, The Museum of Science is an amazing place to get lost in knowledge and interactive yet educational exhibits. The museum also hosts an IMAX theatre that often shows educational videos as well as planetariums. The museum has ever-changing displays of educational and informative information that children and adults can both benefit from.

Museum of Natural History – Located on Oxford Street just past the Harvard Yard the Museum of Natural History hosts an innumerable number of fossils and natural history that you can’t see anywhere else. From ancient predators to modern day insects the museum gives you an up-close and personal look at life itself. From birds, butterflies, Asian and South American animals and insects the Museum of Natural History can be a humbling experience and give you a glimpse of art as a life form.

Whether you decide to purchase luxury Back Bay real estate, South End real estate or any Boston luxury home you’ll be close to a wealth of museums in all of the neighborhoods.