Looking to get away for the weekend or just for a night? Outside of Boston, you can find unparalleled luxury and true relaxation. New England has some of the most luxurious resorts around that are away from the city but still close enough to home for a quick getaway.

1.    The Cliff House – Located along the coast of Maine, the Cliff House lives up to its name as it was built on the rocky shoreline. The Cliff House offers an array of luxury amenities ranging from a full-scale spa that you can either go to or order services directly to your room, an array of swimming pools and hot tubs that overlook the curvaceous and romantic shoreline, and some of the finest dining New England has to offer at their in-house restaurant. Not only does the resort offer all of these amenities but each room also comes with a view that you can’t find anywhere else in New England.

2.    Woodstock Inn and Resort – Located in Woodstock, VT this 4.7-star hotel will offer you the best that the Green Mountain State has to offer. The resort is set in a quaint village and offers true preservation of antique New England, crafted by Laurence and Mary Rockafeller it is a living piece of art. The resort has plenty of luxurious amenities to help you relax, including an 18-hole golf course that was named one of the Top 100 Golf Courses by Golf Magazine. The course itself is nestled on sprawling green landscapes and offers a challenging game. Along with its award-winning golf course, Woodstock Inn and Resort is also accompanied by one of the best Spas in Vermont.

3.    Topnotch Resort – The Topnotch resort is located in Stowe, Vermont and offers a generous 89 luxury accommodations for their guests. If you’re looking to learn a new craft the resort also offers tennis lessons from some of the most talented coaches in America. If you’re already a tennis pro you can bring your gear and play all day long. Enjoy the resort year-round and some of the best views in Vermont. If you want to relax by the pool for a day and read a new book you can do that any time of year, or in the winter in a Jacuzzi tub! If you’re a skier grab your skis’ and head up to the slopes for a day for some of the best skiing in New England!

4.    Wentworth By the Sea – New Hampshire is home to an infamous resort by the name of Wentworth By The Sea, located in New Castle, New Hampshire. The resort is a staple of elegance to the locals and its guests. Built-in 1874 the Wentworth By the Sea which is a Marriot hotel prides itself on its guest accommodations such as a luxury spa, fine dining, and romance. The resort was just recently done over in 2003 and received $30 million dollars’ worth of upgrades. If you’re looking to relax by the coast, you can do absolutely that here. Enjoy your time with the resort’s swimming pools, tennis course, and a full golf course. Take the day off and relax at Wentworth By the Sea.