So, you’ve bought your new house – you’ve enjoyed the city and now it’s time for vacation! Luckily, you’ve picked one of the best spots in New England to live. In Boston, you’re at the center of New England and also in a part of the country with some of the best vacation spots. New England is a fantastic place to live and an even better place to relax and unwind.  Here are some of the best vacation destinations that you can travel to within a couple of hours!


1.    Newport R.I. – Newport Rhode Island, situated about an hour and forty minutes outside of Boston, is a quaint little city set on Aquidneck Island. Everywhere you travel in Newport comes with a breathtaking view. The city is filled with sprawling ocean landscapes and some of the most breathtaking mansions that are worthy of doing a double take.  Stop in at 22 Bowen’s on your vacation for an exquisite dining experience and some of the freshest seafood you won’t forget.

2.    The White Mountains – Located in New Hampshire and about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Boston – you can leave the busy way of city life behind and unplug in the White Mountains. New Hampshire’s White Mountains are a great getaway spot at any time of year. In the summertime, you can hike some of the most beautiful landscapes and grill outside of your cabin. In the winter time, you can enjoy the snow-covered mountains and sprawling views while cozied up with a book. In the autumn, New Hampshire will present you with some of most breathtaking foliage and mountain views in the country. Along with the great scenery, the mountains offer a serene and calm atmosphere to give you the relaxation you deserve.

3.    Nantucket – This island is located right off Cape Cod and is a ferry ride away. Nantucket offers an island way of life right here in New England. Looking similarly to the Hampton’s it offers a relaxed atmosphere without the bustling city noises but with all of the luxuries. The waters of Nantucket are a beautiful deep and sometimes light blue with everlasting sand dunes. The island has some of the best high-end boutiques in New England as well as fine dining and luxury hotels. Nantucket offers a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere that will feel like your home away from home.

4.    Cape Neddick – Cape Neddick is a small town located in Maine right on the rustic, sprawling coastline that will make you feel like a true ship’s captain. The romantic coastline offers unparalleled views that you can’t get anywhere else – unplug from it all and take your time in Cape Neddick. Along with its rocky shoreline, it’s also home to soft sandy beaches that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Downtown boasts a magnificent amount of top dining experiences along with bookstores, local family-owned shops, and cafes for your morning espresso. Cape Neddick is a great place to go when you’re looking for beautiful scenery and a true sense of calm.