Boston is one of the busiest metro areas in the world. Some of its most popular destinations are in the Back Bay neighborhood. The Back Bay is filled with a lively atmosphere that will keep anyone active and entertained. Here is a list of the best reasons to find a home in the Back Bay area.


  1. History – Boston’s Back Bay was once ocean and marsh, it was submerged underwater until surrounding towns started to give their soil to Boston Housing to make what is now known as Back Bay. The fill took place from 1854 – 1857 and was an ongoing effort. Through the surrounding towns efforts to keep building up Back Bay, it’s given us what is one of Boston’s top places to live.
  2. Boston Public Library – Boston’s Public Library is a landmark for all avid readers – here you can enjoy the articulate and well-preserved architecture that lays inside of the Boston Public Library as well as explore the library’s extensive book collection.
  3. Newbury Street – If you love shopping, eating, and pampering yourself then Boston’s Back Bay & Newbury Street area are the right places for you. On Newbury Street, you can find an array of salons, elegant and unique boutiques as well as some of the finest dining that Boston has to offer.
  4. Architecture – Boston’s Back Bay is filled with Victorian Era Brownstones that are considered an extremely well-preserved part of the 19th century. In Boston’s Back Bay, you can see multiple architectural styles ranging from Italianate, Georgian, Second Empire, and Romanesque Revival style buildings. The area is so well maintained and preserved it makes it a living art piece.
  5. Boston Public Garden – You’ll find the first botanical garden in America just a short walk down Commonwealth Avenue. In the summertime, you can go for an afternoon stroll or read a book in Boston’s Public Garden. The garden has been tended to and kept alive since 1837, in the spring you can watch the garden blossom and grow and in the summertime, you can watch the garden elegantly thrive. Around the Garden, there are many tea and coffee shops as well to get you refreshed in the afternoon.
  6. Institute of Contemporary Art – If you’re an avid art collector or just an appreciator then you’ll love living a short distance from one of the most extensive contemporary art collections. With ever-changing exhibits and galleries, the Institute of Contemporary art is a place for knowledge and creativity. Enjoy a day submerging yourself in the awe-worthy art or a quiet evening contemplating creations.
  7. Luxury – Back Bay has some of the most Luxurious Attractions in Boston from day spas, to salons and fine dining. The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental is world known for its top of the line spa service. They’ve earned themselves the Forbes Five-Star award making them the only Spa in Massachusetts to achieve this prestigious award of true luxury. The spa itself boasts an impressive 16,000 square feet catered to your wellness.
  8. Culture – Boston itself is full of rich history and culture from all walks of life but the Back Bay has an eclectic collection of art, education, and international business developments. With all of these factors, it’s made for a different experience around every corner. You can find any style of food, spirit, and store in Boston’s Back Bay.
  9. Prudential Center – In the heart of the Back Bay lies Boston’s most iconic skyscraper – The Prudential Center. Inside the Prudential Center, there are many businesses, restaurants, and retailers. It’s also home to the Top of The Hub which is a restaurant that sits atop the Prudential Center and offers the most jaw-dropping views of the city. Not only will you enjoy luxury dining but you’ll be able to submerge yourself in an iconic and truly unique view of the city.
  10. MET Back Bay – This Steakhouse is a staple of fine dining in Boston’s Back Bay. Head over here on a relaxing Sunday morning for the best brunch in the city or a fun evening with friends. The MET Back Bay serves up a plethora of unique cocktails such as their Rosalie which is rum, lime, rose water, rose wine and mint. MET also hosts an extensive wine and beer list and on top of having the best steak in Boston.